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We provide superior service for a wide range of customer sizes. Whether you are a large multi-national company, a medium size firm, a small business or have a home office - you can expect us to value everyone the same and deliver the products you require on time! Just ask some of our customers...

Office Navigate is the sole provider of office supplies for most of our locations. We have been in business with Office Navigate for over 15 years and we have been extremely satisfied with their services!

Office Administrator,
One of Canada's Best Managed Companies of 50-999 employees (ask us for an official reference)

Office Navigate Team

      I would like to extend my sincere thank you for the outstanding service you have been providing us for the last 5 years with our office supplies and especially with our medical packaging material. You guys are always reliable and have exceptional customer service.

Great job,

Warehouse Supervisor,
GE Healthcare Canada.

Office Navigate management and team,

      We have chose Office Navigate for over 20 years because they understand how critical our entire production process and customer base is. They are one of our key suppliers that fulfill our demands across so many different product lines such as office products and industrial products such as 3M Masking Tape just to name a few. Not only do they delight us with their product depth and breadth, they over deliver when it comes to service every time and pretty much always have our required items in stock. We can rest assured that our production line does not get compromised with them as a supplier.

Procurement Director,
A Fortune 500 Publicly traded Compnay on the New York Stock Exchange and One of the World's Largest Manufacturers (ask us for an official reference)

Dear Office Navigate,

      Thank you for providing such good service over the years with our toners, cartons and paper supplies. You have definitely saved us a lot of money and make the ordering process simple and quick.

Craig Bahl, Owner
Image Imports,

Dear Office Navigate,

      For us, Office Navigate has always showed its excellent service, making us confident that they can consistently maintain the highest of expectations that our Shoppers franchise has for all its suppliers.

Jauher Ahmad,
Shoppers Drug Mart Store #1147
5602 Tenth Line West, #101
Mississauga, Ontario
L5M 5S5

      We are proud to say that Office Navigate has never let us down. They have the fastest turnover of orders! (AT TIMES WITHIN AN HOUR!!!). They have an almost perfect order accuracy that makes us all confident here in the office that we will have all our quality office products on time. There are so many easy ways to quickly order, but sometimes I prefer to call my sales rep Tami for my orders! She sometimes makes my day!

Company of 50-100 employees (ask us for an official reference)


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